How To Obtain Commercial Pest Control Accounts

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According to Pest Control Technology, a leading resource for the Pest Control industry, a recent survey of Pest Control companies revealed that the average company gets about 70 percent of its business from the residential sector and only 30 percent from the commercial sector.  This is probably familiar news, but it’s still bad news.  Most Pest Control companies have longed realized that they could benefit from more commercial accounts, they just don’t know how to get them.

Pest control marketing on the residential side just doesn’t work on the commercial side.  They are two different types of accounts dealing with different types of customers and call for different strategies. 

Most companies in the industry have sought out commercial accounts using the same approach, the same sales techniques and the same sales people they have used successfully on the residential side.  The results have not been positive and the only way to change that is to create a specific commercial sales process in pest control marketing.

Successful pest control marketing in the commercial sector requires not only a well thought out sales process, it also requires some very key components:

  • It’s the digital age.  The use of social media and similar technologies are now necessary, not optional.
  • To position a company as an authority, quality content that provides value must be a staple in an online presence.  Testimonials from other commercial accounts will also bolster that level of perceived authority.
  • Time, effort and money must be invested developing and educating the commercial sales teams.

These sales people must understand the unique needs of commercial customers and they must be educators, not just sales people.

In an industry where the service is often considered a commodity, the competition fierce and the pricing a traditional selling point, the only way to win the commercial accounts is to differentiate the services and benefits and educate the commercial customer. 

They want to feel that they are dealing with an authority that can meet their needs and by showing them the value of that authority, the pricing becomes less of an issue and the account becomes more lucrative.