Does Door To Door Marketing Work For Pest Control?

Door to door sales may seem like an outdated pest control marketing tool, but this proven sales tool still produces sales you might not otherwise have.  It wasn’t that long ago, before the explosion of digital marketing, that door to door was the go-to approach for introducing pest control services to prospects. 

Especially in pest control marketing, this approach still has a profitable place in the marketing strategy.  Not to mention that it’s a pretty budget friendly tactic!

The advantages of going door to door with your marketing efforts are numerous and include a variety of elements that other forms of marketing just can’t match.

  • Targeted prospects. Calling on new customers who live near your existing customers is cost effective and produces more productive routes.
  • Fresh prospects. Not everyone gets that mailer or that email and contrary to current beliefs, not everyone is on social media. Hitting the street and letting prospects know you’re out there will reach people you would otherwise miss.
  • People buy from people. Most of us have heard this sales slogan and it’s as true today as it was in the past. There’s a lot to be said for having a “face” that represents your company and having that face at a prospect’s door front can create a connection that just isn’t possible any other way.


Potential customers are bombarded with a variety of digital and traditional pest control marketing on a continuing basis and the personalized touch that door to door offers is often a refreshing approach if it’s done right. 

Proper training is critical to the success of this endeavor and pest control service knowledge, people skills and, of course, a nice, big smile are a great start on the path to succeed in door to door marketing.  So get your team ready and get out there!