Pros & Cons Of Green Pest Control Marketing

green pest control marketing

Going Green: Natural Pest Control


As a pest control business, including green products as a method of pest control should be a part of your pest control marketing plan. There’s basically two ways to get rid of unwanted pests: natural and chemical.  Most of us are familiar with the traditional methods of pest control which use chemical pesticides to eliminate a variety of pests.  Recent trends in the pest control industry, however, include an eco-friendlier, typically less toxic approach that has its own advantages and disadvantages.


Some of the biggest advantages make for a healthier, cleaner environment:

  • Environmentally friendly. Organic pesticides minimize the impact on the environment because they don’t contaminate the atmosphere, soil and water like chemical methods.
  • Healthier soil for crops. Studies have shown that chemical pesticides have reduced the healthy trace minerals in fruits and vegetables for decades. Organic pesticides help soil, and the food grown in that soil, stay healthy.
  • Healthier humans. Chemical pesticides have been linked to a variety of diseases and illnesses including cancer and nervous system disorders. Natural pest control alleviates the use of toxins and the damage they cause.


The advantages are pretty attractive, but there are disadvantages as well:

  • Higher cost. Just like that organic orange at the local grocer, organic pest control is typically more expensive than “regular” pest control. The issue may or may not outweigh some of the positives, but it should be considered.
  • Typically, not as effective. Natural pest control might not always be quite as effective as traditional chemical methods but typically gets the job done if used properly.
  • Sometimes it just takes longer. The very fact that chemical pesticides are very toxic makes them a fast and easy method for getting rid of pests. Again, an issue that must be weighed against the most important factors in making a decision on what methods to use.

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