How To Buy A Pest Control Business

Finding the Opportunities

You have to know where you want to do business and what you can afford, then you have to find pest control businesses that fit your criteria.  There’s a lot of ways to find the right pest business, but here are a few to get you started.

  • Broker: This is a fee based option where a broker guides both seller and buyer through the purchase process.
  • Trade publications: These publications often have a section that lists businesses for sale.
  • Suppliers: These vendors work with a lot of companies and are especially knowledgeable and often have leads that aren’t well known.
  • Craigslist/Classifieds: Many smaller companies list in local publications and sites such as Craigslist.  These options are a good source for more localized searches.


You Get What You Pay For 

Once you find a business, you have to understand exactly what it is you are buying.  Everything from location to types of services will impact your future success.  There’s a lot to consider and these points cover some of the important ones.

  • Services offered: Commercial, residential, termite control. The list can be extensive or specialized.  You must understand what services you are willing to continue to offer and how each service contributes financially.
  • Company reputation: How current, and future, customers feel about the company will determine how stable, or shaky, your start will be in your endeavor.
  • Customer base: Not only the number of customers but the frequency of their recurring services is important.  Understanding what cash flow is available depends on the customer base and customer retention.
  • Location and competition: Even if the services offered are lucrative and the reputation of the company sound, the potential for growth is affected by location and the number and sizes of competitive businesses in your service area.


No matter what direction you decide to go, pest control marketing should be a top priority as you will need to grow your new business to make it more profitable. Marketing is essential to starting or keeping a business going because you can have an awesome service or product, but if no one knows about it, then that doesn’t do you any good at all.