How To Target Customers Using Website Analytics

Website analytics is basically analyzing how your website visitors interact with your website by reviewing, understanding and optimizing that interaction data.  That data can then be used to target customers, ensure your website is giving those customers what they want and bring more business to your pest control company.  Effective pest control marketing in the digital world will require at least a basic understanding of who your website visitors are and how you can turn them into customers.


There are plenty of good analytics tools you can find to get the job done and answer the important questions you need answered to market effectively:


  • Who are the people visiting my site?
  • What are they looking for when they visit my site?
  • What are the positives and negatives in their interaction with the site?
  • How can the negatives be improved?
  • How can I find more of these people?
  • What are the best ways to turn these visitors into customers?


Good analytics tools will also give you information about the various elements of your website that will help you give your potential customers exactly what they are looking for.  This includes more in depth analysis such as what content your visitors prefer, where your traffic comes from and what keywords work best in attracting the right visitors.  This will enable your marketing to be as targeted as possible across social media, mobile web devices and the internet in general.


A good place to start would be Google Analytics.  They offer a wide variety of analytical tools you can begin using right away and a good amount of tutorials and other ways to learn.   Once you have a good handle on who your target market is you will be able to engage and interact with them and convert them into customers. The key thing to remember is to make sure you are providing your website visitors with the content they are looking for in the most effective way to increase engagement and thus increase sales.