7 Online Marketing Ideas For Your Pest Control Business

In order to be successful in the pest control industry you must understand how pest control marketing plays an essential role in your business growth and success. More and more people have access to the internet than ever before, and mobile search is the next frontier in online search engine results. When we want to know the answer to something, most people will either ask someone they know or better yet, go directly to Google to find out.

Google processes over 40,000 searches per second every day. When a homeowner or business owner needs to find a reputable pest control company, they turn to the internet and you want to be found on page 1 of the search engine results or even better, in the top spot. Below I will outline some key pest control marketing ideas and strategies you must do in order to increase your presence online.


Know What Your Customer Is Searching For

In order to have a great online marketing plan you must know what people are searching for online and who they are. You can do this by doing a little research online using Google’s keyword planner. You can login using your existing Gmail information.

Once you are logged in you can click on tools and then keyword planner. Google offers plenty of resources on how to navigate and use the keyword planner to get the results you need. What you are looking for in this research are the keywords, phrases and search volume for those phrases in order to use that information when crafting the content for your website.


Create A Website

There are plenty of companies out there that advertise an easy out of the box website design tool to build your website. Many of these companies are great if you want build a simple website that will be an online brochure for pest control business. Unfortunately, those websites typically don’t convert or scale very well once your business starts growing.

If you want a website that can easily manage your online content, then I would recommend using WordPress to build your website. WordPress is a great CMS (content management system) that powers nearly 27% of the top 10 million websites on the net now. There is a bit of a learning curve to figure it out initially, but with a multitude of themes and plugins to choose from, you can customize your website in no time. Most importantly, nearly all of the themes on the market now are responsive (mobile friendly), so this helps you avoid having to build a separate website to fit mobile and tablet devices.


Create Relevant Content

Now that you have built your website, you want to make sure the content you have is relevant and that you update it often. The best way to update your content often is to create a blog. Blogging will allow you to create content that your customers are looking for online.

This is a great time to use the keyword research you did early on to craft content to feed to the search engines. By writing about the topics your customers are searching for, you will increase your ranking in the search engine results.


Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Pest control is essentially a local service. More now than ever, the major search engines are returning search results based on the user’s location. This is why you will want to focus on implementing a local SEO strategy to make sure you are found online when someone does a search for “pest control near me”. For local SEO you want to make sure you are listed in Google My Business, Bing Local and Yahoo Local to start with.

There are other online local directories that you want your website to be listed on as well such as your local chamber of commerce or local business directory. When searching out directory listings, you want to focus on quality and not quantity. Getting back links from your local newspaper, local new station, chamber of commerce, and local bloggers will go a long way in letting the search engines you are indeed a local business relevant to your service area.


Get More Reviews

A recent study indicated that more than 80% of people rely on reviews to choose a business to spend money with online. That same study also stated an online review is just as good as a personal referral from a friend. We all know how word of mouth is the best marketing plan in the world. Having reviews on Google, Yelp, and on your own website is vital to your pest control business.

When someone reads a review, it provides a real life opinion of you and your services. The higher your star rating and the more reviews you have; the more business you will get. Always ask your customers to review you when you complete a job. This will go a long way in showing that you are an authority in your area on pest control.


Leverage Social Media

If you don’t know by now, then you might have been living under a rock, but social media is not only for posting funny cat videos. More and more businesses are taking advantage of the various social media platforms out there. Obviously Facebook is the largest social media network, but there are plenty to choose from when deciding to make your presence online in the social media world.

Social media is a great way to engage your customers online and keep your company on their mind when they might need pest control service. LinkedIn is a great place to engage your corporate and commercial clients as this social media website is more focused on business.


Real Images

We’ve all seen the stock images on websites and wondered exactly who are the real people behind the scenes. Using real photos of business, vehicles and technicians will go a long way in providing that real world experience to your website visitors.

People now days want to know who is showing up to their home or business before they arrive. By providing real images of your business, you can increase the chances that your website visitors will call you versus someone else. Besides who doesn’t like a nice friendly smile.


In conclusion there are many ways to market and grow your pest control business both online and offline. Figuring out what works for you takes time and money, but just know that without marketing your business at all, you will never be able to achieve the success you want.