How To Advertise For A Pest Control Business

advertising for a pest control business

Online Promotion

Knowing how to advertise for a pest control business is a huge endeavor. You are in a huge field of competitors.

When bed bugs made daily news in 2010, the New York Times reported an 83 percent jump in Google searches for pest control services and information. If your website is not among the links users find when they seek help; you miss out on a big part of that new business.

Start with a website that is easy for potential customers to read and clearly present your contact information so they can call or e-mail and get an immediate response.

Additionally, you can place ads on other websites associated with bedbugs, cockroaches, rats and other pests.

Business associations can provide opportunities for members to buy space and link to the websites of companies for a fee. Using the services of a web consultancy Companies to boost your website traffic through search engine optimization and tracking devices can boost your sales as well.



Commercial and residential customers prefer doing business with someone they know or a company that was being recommended to them through a referral.

Being included in the association by participating in local business networking groups such as the Chamber of Commerce or a local business alliance offers opportunities to connects with other small business partners who assist each other.

Present yourself to your consumers by sponsoring a local football team or Little League team and supporting local charities.



Customers search for pest control services in the phone directory and online. There is no amount of promotion that can compete with word of mouth, though. Developing relationships with home builders and property managers who often call for pest control referrals.

Start a referral campaign for your current customers by offering a bonus or future discount for each referral. Render an excellent service and follow-up to ensure a steady stream of referrals.


Seek advice from the Experts

You can brand yourself differently from the competition by creating an image that you present you as a specialist in your field. The National Pest Management Association presents members with a publication format in that they can write informative reports and email them to a group of prospects and current customers.

Email newsletters loaded with valuable information related to persistent pest problems to an email list you regularly update and work on is another way to advertise for pest control.

Put your expertise to local television and radio stations. Offer to do a segment on TV about the different pest control themes, full of tips and ideas. Create a column for a local newspaper about the “do it yourself” pest control techniques. The free advertising for your business comes in the form of credit for the piece, and the lighting gives you credibility as an expert.

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