How to Generate New Leads For Your Pest Control Company

There aren’t many pest control companies that can say they have too much business so gaining new customers is probably one of the top priorities.

New customers come from new leads and the only way to get those leads is to have a solid pest control marketing plan in place.

From organic referrals to social media, there are a lot of marketing channels to consider when looking at lead generation, but regardless of the channel, there are a few things to you need to know before you consider your options for the best (return on investment) ROI.

Once you can answer those questions, you will be able to make intelligent choices about where to spend your marketing time and money.

There’s no denying that pest control marketing is trending towards online, or digital, channels so here are some tips on how to successfully take advantage of that trend.

PPC Advertising: This is by far one of the best ways to get instant traffic to your site with with a prospect who is ready to buy. This is because your ads only show when someone is searching for those buyer intent keywords. That’s if you set up your campaign correctly.

I know there can be a frustration with PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising, but most of that frustration comes from improper campaign set up in Google.

If you aren’t careful you can find yourself out of a few thousand dollars in a no time with nothing to show for it. Taking the time to do the proper keyword research, adding negative keywords to your campaign, creating a conversion focused landing page with good copy, and a good call to action (CTA) will generate leads at a low cost.

Last but not least, you need to set up conversions in Adwords to make sure you can measure how well your campaign is performing. 

Online market places: There are a host of online market places apps for consumers to use to save money on everyday things.

If you are a new PCO and need to get the most bang for your buck, you might want to try apps such as the 5 Miles app, Facebook Marketplace and of course you can always use Craigslist.

I would recommend posting your best deals here and be sure to use some high quality pics. It will go a long way in showing you are legit business and not just some guy or gal off the street that can’t be trusted in a person’s home.

facebook marketplace

LinkedIn: If you are looking to gain some commercial accounts for pest control, LinkedIn is a good place to start.

Most decision makers for those commercial accounts are online and have a profile on LinkedIn.

You will want to use the advanced search function to filter for individuals such as facilities managers and those in charge of property management companies.

Just search for a particular job function and location and start contacting them. You can also look for groups on LinkedIn in which you might find high level decision makers and request to join them.

Once you are in the group, engage in conversations by providing useful information.

Once you build a little social trust you can swoop in and slowly start to market yourself.

Facebook: Nearly everyone is on Facebook and if you know how to craft some engaging content you can nab quite a few leads.

One of the best things about Facebook is the treasure trove of data it collects on its users. You can run Facebook ads at a fraction of the cost for a traditional PPC campaign if you can nail down your targeting.

You can use Facebook’s audience insights function to target homeowners in a particular city making a certain amount of income and many other factors.

This is an ideal way to get high ticket customers that don’t mind paying for pest control on a monthly basis.

Deal websites: Websites like Groupon and Living Social are another good place to generate pest control leads. People always want a deal and want to save money.

Make a good offer on your initial service for those that claim your Groupon. You always want to include an up-sell in your special as well to help recover some of the money you might lose on obtaining a new customer.

Your website: This is the best and most affordable way to generate more leads for your business.

Most pest control businesses have a website and it is just a static brochure with some stock photos and contact information.

This is not the approach you want to take with your website. Your website should be generating leads for you daily. The best way to do this is by being found online when someone searches for pest control or an exterminator. 85% of consumers use the internet to find a local business. This means you need to be online.

In order to be found online you need to make sure you have a good SEO (search engine optimization) plan in place to ensure you are ranking on page 1 of the major search engines for the keywords relevant to your service area.

You should use real photos on your website along with a strong call to action once they arrive to drive a specific action such as calling you or filling out your online scheduling form.

Be sure to state the benefits of someone using your services over someone else and why working with you will benefit them the most.

In the end no matter which route you decide to take to generate new leads for your pest control business, you want to make sure you are tracking your conversions and results.

There is no better way to waste your money than to keep doing something that isn’t working. Once you have determined what marketing campaign is providing you the best results, you can scale that campaign up and generate even more leads.

Also keep in mind marketing doesn’t happen overnight.

Developing your pest control marketing plan doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor, but you do want to allocate a reasonable amount of your budget to marketing.

Advanced Pest Control Marketing offers an array of marketing plans and strategies to help you generate more leads for your pest control company.