Average Revenue For A Pest Control Company

money tree

The pest control business is a more than $14 billion per year industry and growing.  More than 23,000 pest control businesses are in operation as of 2016 and while it can be a lucrative business, figuring an “average” revenue amount can be hard to come by.  PCT online, a major source of news and information regarding the industry, produces a top 100 list based on revenues each year. 

Looking at the 2015 list, it’s obvious there is a very broad spectrum regarding revenues.  From $5 million to well over $1 billion, the top 100 totals mean that about 20,000 pest control businesses have a revenue under $5 million.

It’s a bit easier to see where that revenue comes from.  General pest control, which includes services such as mosquito, roach and rodent control and bedbug control, on average contributes about 70% of total revenues. 

Termite control on average makes up about 15% and ancillary services, such as wildlife control, lawn, etc, make up the other 15%.  While general pest control will continue to be the core of the business, the ability to diversify and pursue new avenues of revenue will continue to provide revenue generating opportunities.

There is one thing that is “average” to the pest control companies that produce high revenue and that is marketing.  Pest control marketing ranges from word of mouth and referrals to online marketing. 

In an extremely competitive industry, the ability to market pest control effectively using social media, email marketing, local SEO and other channels is not an option, it is a necessity.  

The advent of pest control marketing using the internet provides many effective ways to reach customers, to position a company as a trusted authority and to provide information to potential customers better than ever before.

Here at Advanced Pest Control Marketing, we offer a variety of options to business owners that will allow them to take advantage of the most up to date pest control marketing strategies to increase revenue and customer retention.