Go From Zero To 30 Calls In 30 Days Without Wasting Money On Advertising​​​​​

Get Qualified Calls From People In Your Service Area Requesting Pest Control Daily

What is the one thing every pest control operator needs to thrive in business?

If you said sales then you are correct, but before you can get sales, you need someone to request your services, and that usually comes in the form of a phone call.

The problem is most PCOs don't know how to generate qualified calls efficiently and in a cost savings manner. 

Today I'm going to show you why you should be using this unlikely source to get 48% of the people who click on your ad to call you for your services. 

What is it you might be wondering?

It's Google AdWords Call Only campaigns...but before you go "I've tried PPC in the past and it didn't work" or "It's too expensive", let me share this case study with you on how we were able to get qualified calls at a higher rate and at a lower cost than using the traditional method of desktop pay per click campaigns using Google AdWords. 

Here's How It Works

Step 1: Prospect does search


Step 2: Prospect sees ad & calls


Step 3: Conversion happens


Step 4: You schedule service


Some time in 2015 Google rolled out "Call Only" campaigns for AdWords. These campaigns are geared toward businesses who only want to receive phone calls instead of visits to their website. This is perfect for PCOs because nearly all of your customers call you in order to get a quote or schedule a service. 

No matter how informative your website is, they still pick up the phone to call because in most cases you do not have pricing on your website. This forces the visitor to call you for more info. 

Being that this is the case, why not focus your efforts on getting phone calls only instead of people clicking to your website.

Plus over 70% of the search traffic for pest control is done on a mobile device and not on a desktop computer. That's a huge amount of people with a phone already in their hands looking for help with pests. 

Let's take a look at two Google AdWords campaigns for pest control and see which one performed better in a given amount of time.

This is a Call Only Campaign

Click the image to make it bigger.

call only ppc campaign

This is a Desktop Campaign

Click the image to make it bigger.

desktop campaign

Both of these campaigns were run during 8/17/17 through 8/31/17 for pest control. These campaigns are not in the same geographical area, but the population of both areas are similar at around 250,000 people in a metro area. 

In the Call Only campaign you will notice that the conversions (a conversion in a call only campaign is a phone call) are significantly higher at 48.28% compared to only 2.21% in the Desktop campaign. (Conversions in the desktop campaign are both calls and form submissions) In total the Call Only campaign received 14 calls and the Desktop campaign received 17 calls/form submissions. 

Call Only

call only conversion rate


desktop conversion rate

Now before you say " I'd rather receive 17 calls/form submissions than 14", let's take a look at some more stats. 

You will also notice that the Call Only campaign only spent $533.34 during the same period and the Desktop campaign spent $1,152.21.  Now the CPC (cost per click) on the Desktop campaign is lower at $5.43 per click compared to $17.78 per click on the Call Only campaign, but this doesn't tell the whole story.

Call Only

call only cost


desktop costs

The Desktop campaign spent twice as much to get nearly the same amount of calls. 

Let's take a look at another metric. In the Call Only campaign, the cost to get a phone call is $37.62 as compared to $67.72 to get a phone call/form submission in the Desktop campaign. 

Call Only

call only cpc


desktop cpc

As you can see the Call Only campaign is the clear winner!

You get more qualified calls at a higher rate and at a lower cost. You can't beat that with a bat. 

To be completely transparent, the Call Only campaign is a totally new campaign which has not even been fully optimized because we are still collecting data to change up our bid strategy to lower our costs.

We will continue to lower the cost on the Call Only campaign as we get more conversion data. 

Also the Call Only campaign is only set to run Monday - Friday during business hours while the Desktop campaign is set to run 24/7 and it has been running for months.

The Desktop campaign is not generating a good ROI for the PCO. 

Please note the Desktop campaign is not being managed by Advanced Pest Control Marketing. We are simply monitoring it for a potential client to show how Call Only campaigns are the way to go.

Here A Few Things To Note About Running A Call Only Campaign

  • A Call Only campaign will only run on mobile devices that can initiate a phone call
  • Not every click will result in a phone call, but as you can see the conversions are higher
  • You need to set up a Google forwarding number to track your conversions
  • The number of calls received will depend on your budget for ad spend

What we've covered so far are just some basics for a AdWords campaign and your results will vary depending on your area, budget, ad creative and a lot of other factors, but the fact remains that a Call Only campaign is the best way to go if you are on a small budget and you want to maximize your dollars. 

Are You Ready To Get More Calls For Your Business? 

Get started with our Google AdWords Call Only campaign management today. Here's what comes with our management:

Google AdWords Call Only Management


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    Keyword Research
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    Unique Ad Copy
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    Search Term Analysis
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    Split Testing
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    Conversion Tracking
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    Competitor Analysis
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    Optimization Updates
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    Automated Call Notifications
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    Call Analytics


Cancel at anytime. No contracts.

One Time Campaign Set Up Fee $250.00 Required.

*Your monthly ad spend required  to run your campaign is paid to Google directly and we are unable to refund monies paid directly to Google.

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