What is pest control SEO? (Search Engine Optimization) 

Pest Control SEO is the process of getting traffic to your website that is derived from organic or natural sources. In other words it is FREE traffic that you do not have to pay for with advertising. Pest control SEO is fundamental to your success online in the every increasing digital marketing era. We focus our attention on 3 key aspects to boost your local search engines rankings for the major  search engines. 

Organic Results

These are listings that appear in the search engine result pages (SERP) when you search for a particular keyword. Your goal is to be listed on page 1 and the higher the listing on the page the better. 

Local Results

Ever searched for "gas station near me"? If so you will notice Google will show you a listing of gas stations on a map. The same applies to pest control. You want to appear on this map and in what is referred to as the local 3 pack.


In order to rank online for any keywords or phrases you will need good content that attracts and converts. We specialize in crafting content that will feed the search engines, but more importantly be relevant. 

Search Engine Optimization for pest control businesses is one of the primary methods for increasing qualified website visitors and new sales. Search engines want the best results for users. You should want the same for your business. 

How does your pest control company rank on major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo? Who shows up in the top positions on Google when someone from your city searches the keyword “Pest Control”? How about the keyword "bed bug removal"? When someone searches “bed bug removal,” what they mean is: I have bed bugs, and I need to hire a pest control company and pay them lots of money. Advanced Pest Control Marketing works, so that your pest company appears when potential customers search pest control related keywords. We focus on users first and search engines second. Many of our clients depend on pest control SEO as their most productive new customer marketing tactic. Becoming an authority on a given subject is hard. It takes consistency, focus, and super content to earn shares, links, and mentions. It takes a great website. It takes great outreach. It’s our favorite part of the job.

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